Hayward establishment is a hidden gem


Ikaika Nichols,

Pearl’s Coffee Shop, located near Cal State East Bay on Hayward Boulevard, is family owned and has been run by Pearl Adre for years with the goal of providing a happy space for people to visit in the mornings. With no previous experience in the restaurant or food industry, she was forced to pick up the pieces on her own.

The shop is usually at its busiest in the mornings and some evenings when her son or nephew grill BBQ plates which include chicken, salmon, tri-tip, ribeye and burgers. A BBQ meal can be purchased on Thursdays and Fridays from 6 to 9 p.m.

She has always maintained the goal of “helping the community start the day off right by providing amble service, food and atmosphere,” she told The Pioneer.

She continued, “Business has been good, I’ve been satisfied and I’m happy here. I like coming in. I get to meet so many people. I probably didn’t know it, but I like to serve because I like to make people happy.”

Pearl’s services set themselves apart from other food options in the area because of the hominess and healthy food options. Coffee choices such as the iced mocha or frappuccino are available, but there are also options such as the dirty chai, smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, muffins and fruit cups which are hand prepared by Pearl.

Although she is not a sports fan, she has a lot of East Bay and Bay Area sports memorabilia decorating the shop’s interior, such as jerseys, pictures and medals. She even has an old 49ers Halloween costumes from her children inside on showcase. These small pieces add to the family feel and energy that circulates throughout the shop.

Pearl’s sole employees are members of her family. On any given day, you may be greeted by Pearl herself or even one of her sons or daughters. Ivane Mendoza, one of Pearl’s daughters who works at the shop, was kind enough to speak to The Pioneer.

“Working at Pearl’s is great,” Mendoza said. “It’s been a nice working experience. I enjoy the customers, new stories and most importantly it’s comfortable. Every time I’m in, I feel as if I’m being introduced to a new family.” She recommends her favorite beverage, the Italian soda, which she said not a lot of people know about.

Pearl’s isn’t the biggest establishment, but they find a way of making a big impression. The compassion and care she provides for customers the second they walk in can turn even the worst of mornings into something special.