Boyfriend, friend charged in Stacey Aguilar murder

Graphic by Tam Duong Jr./The Pioneer

Graphic by Tam Duong Jr./The Pioneer

Louis LaVenture,
News and Sports Editor

The Hayward Police Department confirmed on Monday that Stacey Aguilar’s boyfriend, 23-year-old Esmid Pedraza of unincorporated Hayward, is being charged with her murder.  However, he did not commit the act alone.

Pedraza was arraigned at the Hayward Hall of Justice for the murder of Aguilar along with his friend, Donato Perez. Perez was in court on Monday and charged with accessory to murder after the fact.

Authorities confirmed that Pedraza left the Hayward house party with Aguilar, where she was last seen on Feb. 15 around 1 a.m. On Feb. 17, deputies located blood in Pedraza’s vehicle and arrested him on a domestic violence charge.

The HPD said that Perez helped Pedraza dump the body near Morrison Canyon in Fremont, which is where it was discovered on Feb. 20.

The following day, Feb. 21, Pedraza was taken into custody for the murder of Aguilar. Perez was subsequently arrested on the Feb. 25.

According to investigator statements, Perez confessed that after Pedraza shot Aguilar near the party, he assisted in dumping the body and cleaning Pedraza’s car.

Perez also told investigators they took Pedraza’s vehicle to a car wash, which was confirmed through surveillance video.

“I knew there was something funny about that guy,” Marisol Lesio-Capito, Aguilar’s mother said about Pedraza. “I just had a feeling.”

Plea dates were set for Pedraza and Perez following the arraignment on Monday. Both suspects will appear in court at the Hayward Hall of Justice at 9 a.m. today.