ASI candidates explain why they should win

Tishauna Carrell,

California State University, East Bay, Associated Students Incorporated, held a “Coffee with the candidates” event at the Agora Stage to allow 2015-2016 ASI candidates to express why they should be elected to the student body.

The first 200 people to arrive were offered free vanilla or chocolate cake of their choice along with a cup of coffee as “intentions to actually get students to come to the event” according to ASI Executive Vice President, Marie Ibarra.

In order to catch students, It was planned during the peak hours of liveliness on campus, which is 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Due to CSUEB being primarily a commuter school, there are low turnouts at elections and little involvement from students who are often uninformed of events on campus.

Previously reported in The Pioneer, There are 14 ASI Board Director positions and currently 28 people running either unopposed, grouped with a slate, or running individually.

A slate is when candidates agree to jointly campaign together to increase publicity and votes. Slates for this years’ election include League of Achievers, The Revolution, and Diversity for Change.

Hendrix Erhahon, is running for president in his slate, “The League of Achievers”, which consist of nine members. “My slate is prepared, determined, and motivated” said to Erhahon during his speech. Only 10% of the student body votes during ASI elections.

“Its important for students to pick who they want to represent them for a whole year, you need to determine who is best for that position”, said Erhahon. David Lopez, also running for President under, “The Revolution” slate, says that his slate has a variety of students.

“We have Political Science, Greek Community, we have people from student life, so we’re a well rounded group” said Lopez. Candidates such as Anum Ahmed and Ainsley Shallcross are some of the candidates running without a slate.

“I personally like going up to people on my own and having them know who I am, so when they vote, they know me personally and put a name to my face and know what I stand for. “ Said Ahmed, running for C.L.A.S.S Senator.

This will be Ahmed’s second time running for C.L.A.S.S Senator, “I have the passion for this too, I want to go into social work, specifically counseling, which is when people come and talk to you about their problems.With the senator position people are going to come with you to with their problems”, said Ahmed.

Shallcross is currently the Director of Sustainability and is running for the same position for next year, “I felt that independently I can express my beliefs more have innovative ideas that didn’t really mesh with the other groups,” says Shallcross. “I have done the job before, I know the ends and outs of the job, I have ideas such as trying to get compose on campus, better food on campus, and maybe even divesting from fossil fuels.”

Shallcross is currently working on bringing a sustainable food resolution on campus that has been in the works since last fall. “It’s been a lot of prep work and I want to see it come through next year.”

ASI elections take place on black board from April 28 through 30. Log on and place your vote.