UrbanDaddy app offers nightlife suggestions for those on the go

Felicitas Hackmann

Being new to the area, a friend recommended I apply for the UrbanDaddy newsletter to stay updated when it comes to new places to eat, drink and hang out.

The editors of UrbanDaddy check out all kinds of places before they open, and publish information and pictures online. Every new post considering San Francisco, I receive via e-mail. The newsletter is also available for 10 other cities in the United States, such as Boston and Miami, for example.

Always having my phone with me, it didn’t take long until I downloaded the iPhone App, and for those using Android phones, UrbanDaddy released an app for these devices not too long ago.

And here is how it works: You first allow UrbanDaddy to know your location. After that, you’ll get asked what you are looking for: dinner, breakfast, dancing, etc. Also, you can enter whom you are with, for example, girlfriend, parents or boss.

The app offers you a few more categories, so you can specify what you are looking for. When you’re finished entering your information, the application locates you and finds places around you that match your needs. Of course, you’ll also find a few lines of introduction for the recommended places and a picture, and also a map showing the location of the places and yours.

It is a little bit like Yelp, but unfortunately without comments by other users. It is a lot fancier, though, and with the different categories, it is easier to find a spot that suits your situation.

The UrbanDaddy App is not only beautifully designed, but also fun to use. Since it is free, check it out and tell us your thoughts.