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Ron Paul preaches the values of smaller government

April 10, 2014


Photo | Chris Valentine

Ron Paul speaks candidly backstage after the event.

Former 12-term Congressman of Texas, and three-time candidate for President of the United States, Dr. Ron Paul, visited California State University, East Bay yesterday.

In his speech, Paul emphasized that he does not have faith in our government. He describes the government as “the biggest counterfeiters.”

He believes the U.S. government violates the people’s civil liberties by not allowing citizens to make their own decisions and run their own lives. Through income taxes, he believes this insinuates that the U.S. government believes that American citizens do not know how to spend their hard earned money.

Paul emphasized the changes that need to happen in the United States government in order to solve some of the problems that the country faces. He commented that the government should not take the “fruits of our labor,” and that there should be no income taxes.  He called it “a shame and tragedy.”

Paul said by better understanding the monetary system, we can avoid economic trouble like the recent recession. He pushed the need to do away with the Federal Reserve System saying, “It does not service the right of the people.”

According to Paul, “The strength of our government is only as good as the people’s knowledge.”

He urges citizens to become active and knowledgeable of America’s economic and foreign policies.

“Why don’t we have a foreign policy of the golden rule? Never do to another country what we don’t want them to do to us. That is certainly the direction we should go,” said Paul.

He strongly believes in the right to personal civil liberties, and that personal responsibility and governing oneself are traits of a free society that offer the “benefits of excellence and virtue.”

Paul explains, “Excellence and virtue cannot be accomplished with the government running our lives.” He said, the government cannot protect us from ourselves.” When the U.S. government does things that they believe is in “our best interest,” he said it is at the cost of liberty.

Paul told CSUEB students in the audience, “Do whatever you want, just do something!”

The role of government should be redefined and if it does not work for the people the people should, “flat out, opt out!”

Paul’s speech was part of a larger speaker series hosted by The Smith Center for Private Enterprise Studies.
Paul’s speech was part of a larger speaker series hosted by The Smith Center for Private Enterprise Studies.

In a private interview, Paul encouraged CSUEB students to “become excited about something they are interested in and become energized about it. Students will get very excited once they understand what personal liberty is all about.”

“It’s an absolutely essential message for college students to hear. College students are the next generation of decision makers,” said Stephen Shmanske, director of the Smith Center for Private Enterprise Studies.

“Something has to happen with this, people are questioning this and that is mostly the younger generation,” said Paul. “The strength of our government is only as smart as the people. “

Adrian Stoian, assistant professor of economics and the associate director of the Smith Center For Private Enterprise Studies, explains that being from Romania and living under a dictatorship, he has a strong appreciation for what liberty means both for the overall society as well as for individuals, and what the perils of limiting that liberty are.

Paul said “the time for liberty has come. The need is there, worldwide. We are capable of changing the attitude of the people, and we need a change in our dependency in government.”

The Smith Center for Private Enterprise Studies, a joint sponsor of this event, alongside the Independent Institute, considers itself  “a free market think tank of CSUEB,” who, “sponsors lectures, research, seminars, conferences, and courses for future leaders in business and society to learn how the principles of free enterprise build a strong economy.”

Every academic year The Smith Center brings 8-9 speakers from all over the United States to campus.

Paul’s presentation is a special event in the category Speakers of National Prominence. In the past, the Smith Center has hosted Milton Friedman, Steve Forbes, John Stossel, among others.

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