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Valentine’s Day is overrated

Valentine’s Day is overrated

Tawny Pederson,

February 7, 2018

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Not your typical hate from a girl without a date As a little girl, I always thought, “Why can’t we just have a second Thanksgiving instead of Valentine’s Day?” Growing up, I was ignorant to the problematically racist background of Thanksgiving and believed that being with family and eating...

You can still be tickled pink about Valentine’s Day

You can still be tickled pink about Valentine’s Day

Veronica Hall,
Layout Designer

February 22, 2017

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In elementary school, Valentine’s Day was a fun experience. We ate candy with our friends and made heart-shaped arts and crafts, all while passing out Valentines Day cards to the whole class. Back then, everyone was our valentine. Fast forward to college, where the Valentine’s Day experience is more complicated. A...

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