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The Pioneer

Specific crimes increase in Newark

Infographic by Tam Duong Jr./The Pioneer

Raymundo Perdoza,

January 28, 2016

Walking down the street in Newark, you see tall healthy trees and well-kept houses in what has the feel of a positive and growing community. Newark is not the type of town that gives off an intimidating vibe. However, overall crime has risen in this small town of roughly 45,000 people, up 17 percent fr...

California cracks down on equal pay


Valerie Salcido,

October 22, 2015

It was 2004 when I first learned about gender inequality. I remember every 13-year-old sitting in that seventh grade history class in disbelief — outraged by the topic. No one could understand why in the 21st century men and women are still not treated equally. Towards the end of the discussion my...

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