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The Pioneer

Reclaiming Latino and Latina

Poet Erika Vivianna Céspedes

Marquis Jaramillo,

May 5, 2016

At a recent  “Una Noche de Poesia” event in the Diversity Center at Cal State East Bay, the aroma of café y pan dulce — coffee and sweet bread — filled the dimly-lit room. The evening was dedicated to the work of a unique group of poesia y artistas — poets and artists — who are part of a ...

San Jose seeks immigration office

300 dpi Gabriel Campanario illustration of hot-air balloon that looks like heart-shaped U.S. flag flying over border; can be used with stories about U.S. immigration. The Seattle Times 2011<p>

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Arjay Vitug,

February 12, 2015

San Jose City Council members voted 9-2 last Tuesday to pass a motion that will establish an immigration office to provide guidance and support in preparing documents for work visas. The decision was in response to a meeting held two weeks prior, where both documented and undocumented residents voi...

California State University East Bay