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Gun regulations should progress to policy

Gun regulations should progress to policy

Shelby Brown,

February 28, 2018

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From a young age, I started to notice and pick up on some things that not only confused me, but made me feel a way that I didn’t understand. I would walk into a room, and see my parents standing in front of the TV with these looks on their faces that I had never seen before. As I would glance at th...

What is Proposition 63?

What is Proposition 63?

Sean McCarthy,
Staff Writer

October 12, 2016

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On Nov. 8, the nation will vote for it’s new president, state senators and for 17 new propositions that could affect how people go about their daily business. One of these is Proposition 63, which would require all gun owners to acquire a permit every four years in order to purchase firearm ammuni...

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