The Pioneer

The Pioneer

Cuba’s working women

Cuba's working women
September 21, 2017

In Cuba, this is a common occurrence, as women dominate much of the workforce. They work as museum curators, doctors, professors and teachers; they own businesses and hold public office. They make up...

Portraits of working women: Overcoming ‘machismo’ in Cuba

Portraits of working women: Overcoming 'machismo' in Cuba
August 29, 2017

Inside the dim doorway of a crumbling, unmarked building in Old Havana, 33-year-old Lily Castro Sevilla prepares her makeshift wooden nail station for the next customer. Half-empty nail polish reminiscent...

Kali Persall

Kali Persall
August 27, 2017

The garbage revolution The warm water, palm trees and crystal-white sand of the Santa Maria beach were everything I pictured when I used to think of Cuba, a picturesque island in the Caribbean. However,...

A woman’s place in a foreign country

A woman's place in a foreign country
July 26, 2017

My favorite monument in Havana lives in the courtyard of the Plaza Vieja. A voluptuous woman wielding a fork rides a giant rooster that stands poised on one leg. There’s no plaque and no explanation...

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