The Pioneer

The Pioneer

On the Grind: A Look at Professional Poker

December 2, 2010

Sean C. shuffles a few yellow, five-dollar chips with his left hand and slides $50 across the green felted table with his right. Next to his bet, in the middle of the table, lie the six of hearts, the...

“127 Hours” A Mesmerizing, Claustrophobic Film

November 18, 2010

“127 Hours” is an unbelievably thrilling adventure through hallucinogenic premonitions and warped realities. It’s the story based on the book written by Aaron Ralston, the man who, in 2003,...

By The Sword

November 12, 2010

A History of Gladiators, Musketeers, Samurai, Swashbucklers and Olympic Champions History ought to provoke controversy. There is nothing more tedious than reading an account of settled facts that...

Pixar’s Life and Legacy

November 12, 2010

The destination was the Oakland Museum of California, (OMCA) and of the myriad reasons to visit, “Pixar: 25 Years of Animation” was high on the list. There could be no more fitting a place for...

Politzer’s Got Music On His Mind… All The Time

November 12, 2010

T.J. Politzer was born on Oct. 9, 1951 in Seattle, Washington. As the third son of an Austrian Holocaust survivor and an opera singer, a love for the arts was instilled early on in his life. His parents...

Rucker Gives a Hoot about Country Music

November 12, 2010

At the risk of dating myself, I, like many children who came of age in the 1990s, remember when the music world was ruled by a man named Hootie and his band, the Blowfish. All right—there wasn’t...

Garten Cookbook Simplifies Fancy Cookingold

November 12, 2010

“Barefoot Contessa–How Easy is That?” is Ina Garten’s seventh cookbook in 11 years. Her simple, straightforward approaches to cooking elegant food any day of the week make this book a must have...

“Carlos the Jackal” Follows Infamous Venezuelan Terrorist Until His Capture

November 12, 2010

“Carlos” is a semi-biographical film about the notorious Venezuelan terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, better known by his alias, Carlos the Jackal. Most notorious for his raid of Organization of the...


October 28, 2010

Revolutionizes Music Games RockBand3 is to the original RockBand like the PlayStation 3 is to the original PlayStation. The game has made huge strides in perfecting game play since the first music...

True Prep – It’s A Whole New World

October 28, 2010

“True Prep-It’s a Whole New World” by Lisa Birnbach, is a continuation of her 1980 New York Times best seller, “The Official Preppy Handbook.” “True Prep” is bringing the original preppies...

Knight Brings Light to The Dark

October 28, 2010

Mural art is a daunting process, but artist Andrew Kong Knight was not put off by that particular fact. “My dream is to be an artist,” said Knight. “I’ve been working on this my whole life.” His...

Singing at an Open Mic Night

October 22, 2010

This weekend I had the chance to try something new. It was fun, liberating, exciting and took me back to the days when I used to perform. Open mic, as it’s referred to, is a live show where an audience...

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