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Oakland’s Swarm Gallery Offers Great Art


Caprice Oliver

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The Swarm Gallery in Oakland is a unique place for
visitors to experience modern art.

Located in the Ironworks district near Jack London Square, contemporary art gallery The Swarm Gallery is a unique artistic venue where visitors can work available at an affordable price.

The gallery was created in 2006, situated on Second St. in Oakland, where most of the pieces start at $80.

The work exhbited in the gallery houses represents 16 artists with their latest works featured in solo exhibitions or paired with affiliate artists from around the world.

“We try to provide a broad range of prices, so that the art work we show is as accessible to as many people as possible,” said Svea Lin Soll, director and founder of Swarm Gallery.

The Swarm Gallery hosts artist talks, experimental film nights live music at receptions, and collector events. Some of the past programs included storefront window projects, artist-in-residencies and artist studio bike tours.

Some visitors have expressed that the gallery has become a great pillar of the city’s art and entertainment with exhibits ranging from emerging and mid-career artist.
One art piece displayed in the gallery, created by Jessalyn Aaland in 2010, titled “In Amongst It,” uses stickers and paper materials to create highly detailed collages of spaces and scenes inspired by the real world.

Aaland was reviewed earlier this month by the East Bay Express for said piece as “believable, despite their obvious artifice.”

The piece pops with vivid colors and shapes that catch the viewers’ eye, and as such is an example of the creative work on display at the gallery.

“The gallery is uniquely filled with work that can only be seen there, the best thing about this gallery is being able to afford some of the masterpieces you see,” said art admirer Elizabeth Bryant. “I would recommend this gallery to any art lover dying to get some great artwork of their own to hang up in their house.”

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Oakland’s Swarm Gallery Offers Great Art