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Dear Natalia Aldana, Editor in Chief:

As a former student journalist at Cornell University’s Daily Sun for three years, I know the pressures of putting out a quality news publication in a timely manner. However, time pressures should never succumb to journalistic integrity, and I feel that as editor I must make you aware of an egregious use of a photograph, taken by Justin Kernes.  I am writing to register a complaint with your publication, your photographer, and whoever was the editor responsible for the approving the layout of a photograph of Hayward High School students that ran with your article, “Bay Area Counties to Take Responsibility for Convicted Youth.”  On the continuation page of this front-page, lead article, there is a photo of Hayward High School students taken on our campus displaying six students hanging out near our gym with the caption, “Local youth may face detention in their own communities.”  I have fielded phone calls from upset parents and students that their image was used with a story for which they had no connection.  By taking a photo of Hayward High School students and running it with this article you made an implication that these students were some kind of offenders, when nothing could be farther from the truth.  I do not know who allowed the photographer onto our campus or what he intended to convey by running a photo of our students next to this story, but it was unwarranted and inappropriate.  At Hayward High School, we always endeavor to forge partnerships with our local university; however, this is not the correct way to portray our student body.  I look forward to your response, and the response of your photographer, reporter, and faculty advisor.

My best,

George C. Bullis, Principal
Hayward High School

California State University East Bay
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