Madeleines. A yummy french cookie that is super cakey on the inside and hard on the outside. Alegado decided to give a crack at this french baked good but with a Filipino twist. Instead of creating a classic butter, Madeleine incorporates “Calamansi” into her batter, a popular lime from the Philippines.

Photo Essay By Aliza Corporal, CONTRIBUTOR
Union City, Calif. – ARTE Bakery is a home bakery in Union City, Calif. that sells puff pastries, macarons, and more with a Filipino twist. As Asian hate crimes continue to persist throughout the country, the home bakery based in the Bay Area which is home to many different cultures and backgrounds decided to use their platform to spread awareness for #STOPASIANHATE. 

At the end of the day, it was calculated that ARTE Bakery made $250 in one day alone on April 28. Thanks to the help of their customers, ARTE was able to donate $125 to #STOPASIANHATE on the last week of April. However, all together during the whole month of April, ARTE made $750 in profit, donating a total of $375 to #STOPASIANHATE.