Student Activism during Pandemic 2020

By Jeremy Raynolds , CONTRIBUTOR
The onset of the pandemic rendered most learning institutions to close down to ensure the safety of its students. In turn, they opted to settle on online learning to recover studying time and stick to their curricula, which has negatively affected vulnerable learners who cannot meet these standards.
This triggered the rise of student activism worldwide to support some of their own in dealing with the overwhelming period we are facing. Here are some things that students advocate for amid the pandemic.
Fighting for a safe living environment
The sudden turn of events forced many campuses to close their residence halls and let their students go home. Some of these students had no home to go to, while others could not assure themselves that they would be safe at home. This made them scared and depressed and the need for immediate attention was on the rise.
Students across different campuses saw to it that they could come up with pages to collect funds to support them. They prioritized student health during quarantine by seeking help from their learning institutions. They demanded them to offer the group of students the residence halls on the campus. This was not simply because they had to instill pressure on their colleges.
Advocating for equality in learning
In schools, each student gets at least an equal share of the learning resources available. This is not the case if they have to learn from their homes located in different regions across the globe. Some of these places have poor internet connectivity, which deprives them of obtaining online learning resources.
The group of students chose to fight for their deprived rights amid the pandemic. They listed some of the demands that included enabling them to have flexible times to attend online lectures and instructions. They also demanded that administrative leaders of learning institutions regard the well-being of each student with equal measures.
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Offering help to healthcare workers
There is too much pressure imposed on healthcare workers to provide patients with proper medical attention. This is even more during these uncertain pandemic times that many people reach out for help if they get a slight virus symptom. The sheer number of patients can overwhelm the medical staff, making them need help from upcoming medical professionals in schools.
Students have gone out of their way to help healthcare providers by creating a response team. This team fields and receives calls from patients seeking medical help. They also screen those seeking normal routine procedures. This helps ease the burden of physicians who deal with COVID-19 patients.
Advocating for an increase in financial aid
Students often take loans to pay for their study tuition and use some of the money for their general upkeep. This might not be enough and they may end up going days without eating. This is because of prioritizing a learning material over meals. Their side hustles might not pay off all their bills, too, which can be frustrating.
Students advocate for an increase in their financial aid. This is to ensure that they lessen the burden of maintaining standard upkeep in school. They also look to ease the burden they would incur in the future. This is because of the debt used to fund their course of pursuing a degree.
Advocating for the involvement in all levels of policymaking
Students can come up with relevant solutions to the situations they face in school. This is because they experience the problems every day and have the chance to know where it hits most and can try to lessen the burden.
This is the more of a reason why many students advocate for the hearing of their voices. It is only possible by involving them in making policies in their learning institutions. It will help in coming up with reasonable and applicable solutions to underlying problems students face.
Students are often in the streets advocating for their rights over the years. But ever since the pandemic struck, new measures had to come in place to present their challenges. They fight for equality in the provision of learning resources to both the vulnerable and well-off students. It is high time that learning institutions sit down and look into these matters to ensure students have an easy time studying.
About the author
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