After the coronavirus postponement of Music Festivals, Insomniac hosts a virtual rave-a-thon

By Vanessa Martinez, Photo Editor
Music festival season is upon us, meaning we get to see our favorite headliners at our favorite festivals such as Coachella, Beyond Wonderland, Stagecoach, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) and many more.
For many of us, we saved up money so we can attend these events as the date got closer we couldn’t be more excited to finally go and dance the night away with our group of friends; however, with COVID-19 spreading rapidly many of the events we were so eager to attend had unfortunately become postponed.
With many of us upset an American Electronic Music Event promoter called Insomniac, decided to bring everyone together, but virtually. You guessed it: A virtual rave at the comfort of your home away from the virus.
Beyond Wonderland Southern California was supposed to take place on March 20-21th, to make up for the event being postponed Pasquale Rotella founder of Insomniac hosted the first-ever virtual rave-a-thon.
This event consisted of a lineup of DJs who wanted to beat the quarantine blues by letting their music help viewers come together as a community and get through these dark times.
With Beyond Wonderland being successful the first week promoters decided to host a lot more raves. The following weekend Rotelle gave us Countdown which was more of a futuristic style event making this the second successful live stream.
After the success with those virtual raves, Insomniac gave us Hard Summer giving viewers an early summer vibe.
Which then follows up with the most recent event taking place on April 10 and 11th called Nocturnal. For those night owls looking to spend the night up such as myself, it helped me forget about the crisis that’s occurring at the moment it helped me enjoy the company of my friends through Zoom and also getting lost in the rhythm of the music.
To prevent anyone from catching the virus DJs participated by showing up in gloves and masks and maintaining the required social distancing from one another.
Thanks to the help by Disinfecto, a nickname created by Rotella, he made sure to wipe down and disinfect the turntables before and after Djs were done performing.
Insomnia wants to virtually invite their fellow online viewers to grab their sanitized hands and disinfected laptops and join YOUTUBE, Twitch or Facebook and enjoy a two-day event while staying safe at home.
A positive outlook for my fellow ravers and overall music lovers there’s no need to wait in a long line to get inside a festival and we don’t have to worry about making it to the front of the stage