Residents of Las Vegas are not fond of the Caucus



By By Vanessa Martinez, PHOTO EDITOR
Nevada is the well-known home of Las Vegas, the nightlife fills up the streets, but recently on the 20th and 21st of Feb. it became the second home for the 2020 Democratic Caucus, this political party took over the streets causing residents to become upset.
There’s a miss conception that Las Vegas is only known for tourism and people tend to forget about the locals. A few locals have expressed their thoughts about having this event in their town. For local Uber driver, Melissa Beard, tourists coming to the town for such an event spells trouble.
As an uber driver, it has been busy for the past few days. This week has been extremely difficult to get around, with the candidates trying to commute from one place to another because they shut down several exits. They blocked the highway. They blocked a few intersections across the strip making it impossible to make it from one side of the strip to the other,” says Beard.
Beard then explained to a passenger who was coming from Mandalay Bay to a Mexican restaurant on the other side of the strip.
“It should have been a ten-minute ride but it turned into a forty nine-minute ride, it was ridiculous!”
It seems that not only was there a problem with traffic, it affected business.
“I’m not a fan of the way they treat the candidates as royalty, by blocking the roads I don’t think that’s necessary.”
“If they just allowed traffic to as usual it would be a lot better and I think that they shut down roads it actually makes them an easier target if there’s was going to be a terrorist attack against them,” Beard explained. “It shows where the route is and where they’re going, that part makes me fear for them.”
“I don’t mind the events being in las vegas, Las Vegas is known for holding fantastic events,” Beard continued. “For a ten-minute ride they should have paid 6 dollars and they ended up paying 17 dollars and they included a five-dollar tip.”
Planet 13 is known to be the biggest dispensary in the world, this cannabis superstore brings in several tourists along with their favorite local sinners from Sin City.
Planet 13 strives to provide the best quality of recreational cannabis-infused products. With this friendly location Blaze Linn, a worker at this dispensary explained his thoughts about the caucuses being in town.
“Due to the traffic, I had a difficult time arriving at my job, because of all the roads being blocked.”
Linn believed that the Caucus is a waste of time, and locals don’t like it because it affects how things are run around town and the only people involved are from out of town.