Quotes from the Kamala Harris rally

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Quotes from the Kamala Harris rally

By Eduardo Gonzalez, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

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“What would it mean for this country to have the first elected female president of color?”

“It will be very incredible for a lot of young kids in this country who are able to see what they can actually do. I knew that when Kamala Harris first set out in her career she never saw herself to be where she is today and I think it was people like Shirley Chisholm and the strong leaders that are woman of color. It will be more inspiration not just to run for president but to take leadership roles.”

-Andrew Offorjabe, Marketing operations


“It would open the doors to other women of color, like me, who want to get involved in public service and lead our country. She sets the example that we do belong, we do have a voice, we do have a place at the table and that we are powerful enough to lead the country. I know that she is going to turn us around and put us on the right track.”

-Andrea Amaviska, Undergrad at Cal Poly State University


“I think it is a very monumental moment for this country especially given the backdrop of a Trump presidency. I think this country is ready for a woman president especially given that Hillary was the most qualified person even to run for president lost the last election. I think it will be monumental for Kamala to win this.”

-Sandesh Suddapalli, Product Manager


“I would be a great moment for this country and a great leap forward for this country since we have never tried that at all in our 200-year history. Especially to what is happening now it would be an amazing breath of fresh air and a lot of light in the room.”

-John Mavroudis, Illustrator graphic designer


“I am not excited just based on the identity politics of the candidate as much as the policies, and I think that personally I am more excited on policies concretely perhaps the green new deal. Perhaps on abolishing ICE which would uplift millions of people as opposed to the identity of the candidate.”

-Eric Ruben, Volunteer



“I think it would mean compassion. I think that having an African American female running for president, it is important that she is inclusive and that she understands the struggles of everyone. She is about the people and not just one race but all the races. We are unified and share a common goal.”

-Natalie Walker, Consultant