CSUEB introduces Winter Intersession




California State University, East Bay will be providing courses where students will be taking classes for two weeks during the Winter Break.
CSUEB will have its first Winter Intersession courses from Jan. 2-18. However, only eight courses will be offered as the trial run.
The Winter Intersession only features “self-support” courses, which means students will have to provide payment for the courses themselves. The program only offers federal aid, and state aid cannot be applied according to Balvinder Kumar, director of Special Session Programs.
The eight courses that will be available during the Intersession will be from the Anthropology, Art, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Geology and Business departments.
“The selection of classes are few; we did not want to offer too many because it is a test run for the new program launching,” said Kumar.
Intersession fees are $300 per unit for an undergraduate course and $305 for graduate course and a Post-Baccalaureate Accounting Certificate known as PBAC courses.
“The only thing I can advise is to build a relationship with financial aid, and see how you are able to pay for the intersession,” said Kumar.
Students who intend to take more than 17 units would need to petition their request to be approved by their major’s department and consult with the advisors for further assistance.
“These classes will still have the same amount of work as the normal term classes so, it is for students who are going to work hard,” said Kumar.
The intersession will be based on students’ ability to make it to their class. The classes will vary from day to day as well as time, so it is important to have a flexible schedule, according to Kumar.
The winter enrollment period opened Nov. 5 but professors that are being selected for this program have yet to be determined.
The launch of this new program has been an exciting process for Kumar and his team and its success will be evaluated after this first trial.