Quotes from the Quad

By Lidia Montiel & Andrew Cooper, CONTRIBUTORS

“What new food options would you like to see on campus now that Aramark’s contract with CSUEB is coming to an end?”

“It’s all a matter of the choices that we make so I don’t know what’s going to be coming in but I think that the opportunity for there to be a broader range of healthy options is good. I know we have a Taco Bell, Subway, and then of course Panda Express, which I confess I go to, I do like that. For me the issue is the quality of the food and also the price points here. I think they need to be sensitive to the pricing because many of the students here are working part-time jobs as they’re going to school and so I think price matters and some of the items that are here, while they’re priced fine for me, I think that if I was 20, 23, or 25 years old, I’d be a little more sensitive to the budget so I think they really need to be sure that the price points are reflective of the student body here.”
– Ron Wetter, Professor, Masters in Health Care Administration Program

“A lot of people like authentic food like for me personally, Mexican food. I know we have Taco Bell but I’m talking about actual authentic not with so much preservatives and with less of all that stuff because it has a lot of unhealthy stuff. Actual authentic food would be a lot better because a lot of people like going off campus to get that kind of variety of foods.”
– Alberto Lopez, Business
I feel like we should have something that a lot of people go to, like trendier food. I was thinking acai bowls because I’m tired of salads every day now and I guess acai bowls are like the new trend. Or like Popeyes, people like Popeyes’ fried chicken.”
– Amarachi Mbonu, Human Development

“I like pretty much everything that’s here except for Pizza Hut because I don’t eat pizza. So if Pizza Hut went away it wouldn’t bother me, and if it was replaced with Chipotle that’d be better because I love Chipotle, but everything else here I like so I hope they keep them.”
– Meagan Anaya, Biochemistry
The same goes for me I like all of the things here but I haven’t tried Greens-to-Go. I think to add on maybe a Buffalo Wild Wings, or just like a wing shop other than the one here on campus like Wingstop. Maybe even just something simple like a yogurt store.”
– Meller Gran, Biology

“A place like Yogurtland or acai bowls like Vitality Bowls,  having more of those options. Because Subway and Panda are not that healthy, and then eating it everyday just gets tiring.”
– Yesenia Ventura, Health Science
We already have a salad place but maybe like a sandwich place that’s like a little bit better than Subway, with different options ,and maybe like some Teriyaki Chicken somewhere in the loop, something other than Panda that can be a little less expensive and a little more healthier at the same time.”
– Arely Moreira, Health Science

“I definitely think Greens-to-Go was a good option here if it goes, that’s kind of sucky. I feel like more diverse options because it seems like you can get a sandwich or some chinese food and it’s kind of all we have. I don’t really have a preference on chains but just more of a diverse amount of chains if that makes sense.”
– Jamie Followill, Cell and Molecular Biology, Technology Associate Pioneer Bookstore