CSUEB hosts Campus Escapes



By Tourie Boswell, CONTRIBUTOR

Experience the Escape Room

Imagine you are a student who has accidentally sent an embarrassing mass email to everyone in class including the professor. It is up to your group to hack into the professor’s laptop and delete the email before the time is up. This is the quintessence of Campus Escapes.
On Oct. 16, California State University, East Bay was host to an escape room on campus in the Old University Union. The theme for the escape room was technology.
An escape room is a physical and adventurous game that is great for groups of friends and parties. In the game, players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategies to complete the objective at hand, which ultimately leads to escaping the room.
“You get a maximum of three hints and you are allowed to talk to the game operator, I have not been inside but it looks really tricky,” said Campus Escapes volunteers, Charlie Cote and Sean Torralba.
During the games, students in groups of up to 12 are given three hints and attempts to escape before allowed to quit. Help will arrive if all hints and attempts have been exhausted within 40 minutes.
“We’re just here to provide free and enjoyable activities for students to make the campus life more rich and entertaining,” said Torralba.
Campus Escapes is a program that travels and hosts escape events all over the country with five individual theme packs. Campus Escapes comes to CSUEB once every semester and there will be another event during the spring semester.