“Behind The Mask”

Lauren Lola

It’s been nearly two years since the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, died.

Even in death, Jackson’s fame is still alive. “This is It,” the film that captured Jackson’s rehearsals for his tour was extremely popular, along with the release of his first posthumous album, “Michael.” Two music videos have also been released.

Currently, under the creative direction of Radical Media and director Dennis Liu, a music video for the third single, “Behind the Mask,” is in the works.

Unlike the first two videos, fans have the opportunity to submit their own work that will be integrated into the video.

Through a website that has been set up exclusively for this particular purpose, the Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music are providing the opportunity for fans to log on and submit videos of themselves paying tribute to Jackson.

Fans can sing lyrics from the song, execute one of Jackson’s signature dance moves, play an instrument or homage to the fallen star however they feel is appropriate.

The website states that the quality of the videos is not important. They simply want the video to embody energy and love, just as Jackson himself did. The collaborative project will combine the creativity of people from all over the world into one whole.

Though the making of this music video hasn’t been overly publicized, thousands of videos have already been submitted since March 7, with April 14 as the final deadline.