Fairfield Rapper Writes Explosive 2nd Album Despite Being Jailed

Brianna Travis

For Ronald “Preach” McClure, there is no million dollar contract, no manager to represent him and no big time endorsements, but the rap artist from Fairfield, Calif. has launched a successful career with just a dream and a Playskool recording device.

Growing up, Preach followed a bad crowd and was arrested for the first time at the age of 12 for stealing and selling drugs. As the middle child of five children, Preach looked up to his older brother, who was also an artist, who inspired him to pick up a pen and start beating on anything in arm’s reach.

Preach’s sister had so much faith in her brother she decided to fund his first single.

“My sister saw my dedication to writing and how important it was for me to put my sound in the streets,” said Preach.

With blank CDs, jewel cases and family support, Preach’s first single blazed onto the streets of Fairfield.

“With the love and support of my fans and family, the name ‘Preach’ will always ring loud in the streets of Fairfield.”

After appearing on a number of mix-tapes, Preach released his first album, “A Thug’s Testimony,” which sold 1,500 copies, making him the top-selling local artist in Fairfield and Suisun, Calif.

Even though Preach is now serving a ten year sentence in Herlong Federal Prison, he was able to write his second album “Ground Zero, Mix Tape Vol. 1,” which gives listeners a front row seat to the struggle and pain Preach went through to get local stardom and how he is trying to change his ways.

“You can always tell when someone is passionate about their art. They don’t let anything stop them from rising to the top,” said Preach about the many hardships he endured to reach his local stardom.

Preach is no newcomer to heartache and struggle. After his long battle with the judicial system, Preach’s father and grandmother both passed. His grandmother left him with words that is pushing him to get his music into the mainstream: “Follow your dreams and don’t ever let anyone take away your passion to be the greatest.”