Alumni to Open a Colorado-Based Arts Academy

Lauren Lola

Situated in the city of Loveland, Colo., an arts academy founded by CSUEB alumni will soon be open to art lovers of all kinds.

The Harrington Arts Academy was an idea dreamt up by Lauren Harrington, a kindergarten teacher at Niles Elementary School in Fremont, and Brandon Harrington, a freshman English and drama teacher at Newark Memorial High School. The Harringtons wanted to start their own business to enrich people’s participation in the arts, and now that dream is becoming a reality.

Loveland, Colo. was chosen as the site of the academy because of its reputation as an arts-bounded community that accepts new ideas easily, and because the couple had family there.

The Harringtons plan to open the academy by July 11, after which they will conduct a four-week trial to see which areas and age groups to focus on.

The couple plans to teach acting, improvisation, dance, choir, speech, drawing and painting, creative writing, and more. In addition, a vocal director in Loveland has already been named the teacher for the vocal classes. The Harringtons plan on recruiting more teachers in the future.

Brandon, who has a children’s web series called “The Boo Show,” and is auditioning for the upcoming Fox series “Alcatraz,” says that the arts is a way for children to learn social skills and to obtain more confidence.

When asked about what he and his wife hope to achieve from starting the arts academy, Harrington explained how they want to use their talents to the fullest. Both had experiences with the arts while growing up, and they feel that they should impart some of their knowledge to the next generation.

“I want the community to be able to thrive off of what we have to offer,” he added. “Also, I don’t want to be a slave to the bell schedule. I like to create my own scheduling, work with the people I want to work with, and really have a benefit. The harder I work, the more benefits I get from it.”