Dance, dance, and viva la revolution


Photo by Kali Persall/The Pioneer

Mitch Scorza,

On the weekends, we were set loose and cut free to explore the city as liberated tourists. We put our school material on hold for a couple of days, as we worked so hard throughout the week. It was time to celebrate, as far as we were concerned. There was only one place to go and that place is called Fabrica de Arte Cubano.

The vibe at this colossus of the Cuban nightlife is electric. There is no better place to go in this hemisphere. F.A.C. has several bars scattered throughout the entire building with mixes of flashing lights and beautiful color. Music and art were the common themes, and just when one thought they had seen it all, the place evolved further to please both eyes and ears. This place was the revolution of dance and good times.

The way the drinks were made provided a great experience as well. The bartenders handed one bottle to the patron and they boat raced to pour the fullest drink, while pouring from a separate bottle simultaneously. This was a brilliant way to stimulate a camaraderie and participation from both guest and barkeep. The drinks flowed as strong at night as Cuban coffee does in the day time. What better way to get up on the dance floor than having a cold and tall libation to get the party started?

Beats of the music echoed throughout the long hallways and large performance venues inside F.A.C. Silence was not an option, yet there was a tailored sense of life and pulse for everyone who arrived. Having a nice, relaxed sit-down and enjoying a lounge atmosphere may be for some, or simply wandering around until the mood strikes to engage in the music de jour might be for others. At any rate, it was impossible not to tap toes and get on your feet, dancing at some point in the night.

The city-style art adorning the walls winked back at the viewer as if to say their secrets were safe there and the stories they would tell could dazzle and awe all who visited those halls. Live bands and DJs mixed all throughout this temple of art, but they played for the artwork itself, considering that even the art is alive. There were hundreds of pictures of musicians and old nostalgic gear. This place felt like heaven for those in love with both music and art.

Fabrica de Arte Cubano was the best gem and joy I had the privilege to drink and dance at. Smiles were as equal to the abundance of booze and tunes. It was impossible to not have a great time, and if one let the music flow through them, they could also use this place more like a gym, rather than a club. The dance scene made you not want to leave, even if it was hotter than the surface of the sun. Sweating was imminent, but no one seemed to be self-conscious. Everyone sweat and it was all in the name of fun. It was even worth every penny that I got pick-pocketed on the way out down the street. I not only would return, but I now want to live there.