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Letter to the Editor: Corinthian Colleges

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Andrea Dupree’s article about the Corinthian Colleges (May 14, 2015) was interesting; however, she left out an important component to the story. The federal Department of Education, as well as the office of the state Attorney General, has known for years that Corinthian was in big trouble. They should have closed it down long ago and stop stop granting loans.
It is very sad that students– like Andrea Dupree and millions other– are saddled with loans.
The Hayward Daily Review, in an editorial (March 14. 2015), also addresses this; and it, as most of other liberal media, left out the negligence of the Attorney General and of the Department of Education. It even went further and declared that for-profit colleges should not exist.That make no sense, because some of them are good alternates to public institutions. What should maybe be abolished are government grants to students who attend for-profit.
The Review does proffer one good idea: that California should make our public colleges affordable for all qualified students. Why not free?

Ernest Avellar
CSUeastbay ‘72

California State University East Bay
Letter to the Editor: Corinthian Colleges