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ASI fees give opportunities

January 22, 2015

The winter quarter is well underway at CSU East Bay, and students from all walks of life are finding themselves reeling from the fees they pay to pursue their education.

California residents at CSUEB with a course load of 6.1 or more units paid $2,188 this quarter, $364 of which is from non-tuition fees, according to the CSUEB catalog. On a quiet day, you may even hear the eerie howl of wind blowing through hollow bank accounts, followed by the whimpers of students who find themselves strapped for cash.

School is expensive, with the CSU system wide average undergraduate tuition increasing twice over in the last 10 years, according to the CSU Budget Office. Even so, there is still hope to recoup some of your fees by taking advantage of services paid for by the $158 Associated Students Incorporated fee tacked on each quarter. Take a moment out of your day and walk with us as we guide you to a state of thrifty bliss, and save yourself a few bucks this quarter.

One of the most significant perks of paying the fee is full access to the Recreation and Wellness center. The RAW is a fully equipped gym located on the south side of campus, along Harder Road. Students looking to shed holiday weight or make good on New Year’s resolutions to live healthier can utilize a full range of exercise equipment to reach their goals. The facility also includes an indoor track, basketball courts, volleyball/badminton nets, free rental equipment, and locker rooms with private showers.

ASI Opportunities

Free fitness classes at the RAW are held daily Monday through Friday, where students can find themselves soothed by restorative yoga, or whipped into shape in the fitness boot camp. As students leave the RAW center, a Jamba Juice located near the entrance seeks to entice students in for a refreshing smoothie.

In addition to the gym, students looking to take a break from their studies can find a variety of wellness activities to enjoy at RAW. Spend a quiet moment in the relaxation room, schedule a 30-minute private massage for only $15, or rent a board game to play with friends – or friendly strangers.

Student fee benefits outside of the RAW center quickly diminish in significance, but there’s still money to be saved.

Students looking for social connections on campus can join any one of the more than 150 officially recognized student organizations and clubs on campus. A wide variety of interests are represented on campus, from bible study to martial arts, skateboarding to construction management. The ASI fee is used to fund activities and events hosted by these organizations, with $22,000 available this winter quarter for student organizations to take advantage of.

If you are looking to take a break during your school day, the Game Zone located in the Old University Union is open for entertainment. Here you can check out board games, play billiards, air hockey, ping-pong, and Hoop Fever basketball. Inside the Game Zone, the Game Cave is equipped with HDTV’s and XBOX ONE and PS4 consoles for students to game on.

Students with a competitive side can participate in a variety of tournaments at the Game Zone, with upcoming Super Smash Bros. tournament in February, or try your hand at a Texas Hold ‘Em in March.

ASI also regularly hosts events funded by the ASI fee. Students interested in performance of all types can sign up to perform in the student variety show, “Showtime at the Apollo” on Feb. 3. The show is free to attend, and is a great opportunity to expose yourself to the talents of CSUEB students.

If you prefer a night at the movies instead, ASI sells movie tickets to all Cinemark and Regal theaters for only $8. Useable at any time, the tickets can be purchased at the ASI office on the third floor of the Old University Union with your Bay Card. Fans of the Golden State warriors can also purchase discounted tickets to the April 9 home game, for only $15.

With midterms quickly approaching in many classes, students can also save themselves a few dollars by picking up free scantrons at the ASI office.
Study more, spend less, and take advantage of the services you pay for Pioneers!

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