Word on the Street: What is your favorite Robin Williams memory and why?

Leandra Galloway,
Sports Editor

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Monta B.“Favorite memory of him is the OSCAR Academy Show with Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal. It was such a great team effort! Robin of course was the lead and kept the laughs coming in every statement. It was fun to watch. He is a genuine human being and you knew whatever he was working in, it was going to be good for the soul.”

Monta B.
Bay Area Resident

Tatina B.

“Mrs. Doubtfire was the first real movie I understood, and I thought it was real funny. When I watched Aladdin I did not know it was him.”

Tatina B.

Union City Resident

Nicole M. Bautista


““He always brought life, humor, and smiles to everyone.”
Nicole M. Bautista
Fremont Resident



Sina Cross

“His interaction with Koko the Gorilla, because he got her to smile for the first time in six months.”

Sina Cross

San Leandro Resident