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To President Obama: Please respect internet neutrality

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Dear Mr. President,

I received your form letter from the Washington D.C. Democratic Committee, asking if I still have your back? As if our vote were a show of some kind of allegiance to your person. I never had your back; this is not a basketball game, whatever happened to the change we voted for in 2008? I voted for Barack Obama and Got George Bush the Third.

You got rolled by the insurance so-called industry, as if they actually produce something, and by the so-called national security apparatus, invisible talking necks from Stanford and Rice Universities, with closed circuit satellite connections to our White House, asking if you still have their back?

What happens Mr. President; do things really look that different after we have put you up there on the top? We voted for change and got a changeling, from the gate you kept Bob Gates? He was the CIA Iran/Contra cover-up agent for James Baker and George Bush Senior, Reagan didn’t know he sold arms to the Ayotolah, but somebody did. Jeremiah was Wright; we got duped by another elite politician.

Well now you have another chance to forsake the people again Mr. President, and cave-in to the money again once more, Internet neutrality. Nobody told you it would be easy at the top did they? Put your foot in that revolving door at the FCC and give’um that Tom Wheeler a few of your 23 executive orders; I will have no toll roads in my neighborhood jerk, money is like electricity, you have to conduct it in order to make it do it’s work, otherwise it will conduct you at 186,000 thousand miles per second, toward that which is base by the avenue of least resistance.

The Internet is a public utility!


Norman J Moore
San Leandro


California State University East Bay
To President Obama: Please respect internet neutrality