Dear Editor,

I am writing to send out a thank you to ASI and the Philosophy Department for organizing film director Rick Ray’s presentation on November 17th. His film, “10 Questions for the Dalai Lama,” was a beautifully depicted documentary on one of the most influential leaders in the world and the issues he faces.

While I found the scenic views of Tibet and moments of Buddhists in peaceful practices fascinating, it was the core–the interview–Ray conducted with His Holiness that was the ultimate attention-grabber. Even though there were more than ten questions asked, they were worth asking and the answers were worth hearing.

It was an overall compelling collaboration of history, spirituality, philosophy and politics. I found it very wise of Ray to have filmed his journey across India prior to meeting the Dalai Lama, for he covered all of these themes in every way possible–including through old footage of an adolescent Dalai Lama.

I found it to be a great opportunity for myself personally to expand my philosophical points of view and I want to, again, thank everyone who helped make Ray’s presentation possible. I highly suggest that more guest speakers should come to campus to discuss more out-of-the-box thinking to our community.

Sincerely, Lauren Lola