The CSUEB Fight Song

Richard Duboc

CSU East Bay has a fight song? Yes, it does.

It might not be as well known as other college’s fight songs but it exists nonetheless. In 1961, when the Pioneer mascot was adopted by then Alameda County State College, it was envisioned to be a space Pioneer.

Thus, the first line “The Pioneers are blasting off.” So with basketball season in full swing and homecoming just around the corner, you can impress your fellow classmates by singing the Pioneer fight song (though you might have to make up your own melody).

“Pioneer Fight Song”

The Pioneers are blasting off
The countdown has begun,
No matter how tough the foes we meet
We’ll have them on the run,
The spirit of our college fair
Is one that can’t be beat,
And when the starting whistle blows
We’ll just turn on the heat.

The colors of our college fair–
The Red, the White, the Black,
Will carry us onward into space
And keep us on the track,
And when the final chips are down
For everyone to see,
On to victory.