Cult Horror Movie Garners Nationwide Buzz and Reactions

By Casey Scheld
Night Editor


There are cult movies that obtained that status for not catching on with the mainstream, and then there are cult movies that set out to be that way.  Dutch filmmaker Tom Six’s latest picture, “The Human Centipede: First Sequence,” definitely falls into the latter, doing whatever it can to make your typical movie theater patron feel as uncomfortable as possible.


The movie itself has steadily built up buzz since its debut in April.  With exclusive one-night screenings in cities around the United States and internet forums abuzz with talk of its concept, it has reached cult levels unheard of since 2006s “Snakes on a Plane.” 


According to “Entertainment Weekly,” even the financers of the movie were unaware of its concept until the movie was complete, leading to even more hype among the community.  Everyone from average joes to horror fanatics were wondering: “What exactly is a human centipede?”


Being a horror movie, the setup is simple, something of a cross between “Misery” and “Hostel” if they were made in the indie-style of moviemaking.   In the German countryside, two girls from New York and a guy visiting from Japan end up at the doorstep of a Mr. Heiter, a surgeon who yells out phrases in German and has tombstones lining his backyard.  Cue said tourists getting drugged and forced against their will. 


This is where things deviate from the standard halls of moviemaking and stands out.  In essence, the mad surgeon set out to create a “Siamese triplet” by connecting three people together.  To achieve this goal, he busted each and every one of their kneecaps, drugged them beyond oblivion and connected them mouth to anus. 


What follows are a series of gruesome scenes where he attempts to train his new animal.  You can basically sum it up with desperate screams, maniacal laughter and dark humor.  Not everyone’s cup of tea, mind you, but satisfying staples of schlocky movies nonetheless.


Outside of its premise though, the movie does not stray too far from the ordinary.  Even the best concepts can only go so far, and therein lies its downfall.  Consider what makes horror movies like “Dead Alive,” “Army of Darkness” and “Dawn of the Dead” the classics they are today: they manage to take an ordinary concept and run with it, whether it be through chainsaws, monkey bites or lawnmowers.  “The Human Centipede: First Sequence” has got the premise and the shock value, but it stays too close to the established formula.  


While it may not be revolutionary, “The Human Centipede: First Sequence” is still worth watching, if only to see what exactly the fuss is about.  It will definitely stick with you, but don’t be surprised if it fades from your memory sooner than you think.


“Centipede” can be found Comcast’s On-Demand service under “IFC.”

Phoo caption: hree’s Company: Man-made “Siamese triplet” makes one’s skin crawl.