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The Best Cafe Food and Drinks in San Lorenzo

Shane Bond

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Crepes, sandwiches, smoothies, coffee, pasta, and fruit are just cornerstones of the selection of selection that Frodo Joe’s offers.

The café has been around since 1999 and first started as a community gathering for animals and owners alike. The café is named after the original owner’s dog, Frodo.

Frodo Joe’s is not just a mere café. It’s a prided crepe shop that pulls a strong local crowd in San Lorenzo on 17665 Hesperian Boulevard.

While crepe shops are not unusual, this location has a particular flair about their crepes that others do not. While other crepes shops tend to have a lack of quality fruit, or lower grade dough quality, Frodo Joe’s instead excels in top selection of fruits and vegetables for their crepes.

The location has a wide variety of crepes from lunch to dessert. One selection is the Californian Crepe, which is served with spinach, thick juicy slices of chicken and melted cheese.

The Chicken Cashew Crepe is the similar but instead with rich, salty cashew nuts mixed in.

The Seafood Delight is a special treat with shrimp, tomato and melted pesto cheese.

They have a selection of desert crepes too.

The Strawberry Banana crepe is just as it sounds, but with poured over hot sauce.

The Orange, Peach and Banana crepe comes with cream cheese and a sweet orange sauce.

Frodo Joe’s can whip up a variety of drinks to your liking.

No drink feels rushed as it would at a fast-paced coffee shop like Starbucks, but instead made with care.

There isn’t a style or selection of drink that isn’t available to suit your tastes.

The atmosphere is friendly and relaxing, with full sized couches to sit on and small diner tables.

The manager that is usually on site goes by Emily and usually remembers everyone’s face and name and what they like to order.

Emily tries to keep a positive attitude about her job. “I try and stay positive about my work because I’m here almost all week,” she said, “so it’s important to love your job.”

With that attitude she treats every customer almost as if a friend.

If you come often enough, the location will give you a card. If you accumulate enough visits a free drink or crepe will be available.

With the overwhelming take over by Starbucks chain cafes, the small shop needed a new twist.

The new owner brought crepes to the repertoire of Frodo Joe’s, making Frodo Joe’s a premier lunch spot in San Lorenzo.

So if you are looking for a new lunch spot or some delicious desert, Frodo Joe’s should suit your tastes.

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The Best Cafe Food and Drinks in San Lorenzo