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Grammy Winner Comes to CSUEB

Saby Castro
Staff Writer

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In an attempt to inspire students and create awareness about the jazz genre, the music department is brining Grammy Award winner Eddie Daniels to perform at CSU East Bay Friday, April 19 in the university’s 28th Annual Jazz Festival.

Daniels is known for being the best clarinet player of all time, making him  a legend in the world of Jazz, according to Daniel Zinn, interim director of CSUEB’s jazz studies program.

“The main purpose of Daniels’ visit is for him to interact with the contestants at the event,” said Zinn. “I just want to inspire the kids by having them hear the best, and they will get to hear the best.”

Zinn says the 28th Annual Jazz Festival is an educational event that seeks to create awareness about the importance of jazz in U.S. history.

Part of Daniels’ significance in the jazz world is, that although the clarinet was the first instrument used in jazz, there are not many professional clarinet players in jazz bands throughout the world.

“The Annual Jazz Festival is used as a way to help students learn from the most famous musician in the world of jazz,” said Zinn. “I think Daniels is the world’s greatest clarinet player in the history of humankind.”

As the jazz genre has morphed in the last decade into a new form of classical music, the music department strives to bring back the lost interest in the jazz says Zinn.

“Bringing high profile people like Eddie Daniels to play here at the university, really draws in students,” said Zinn.

This year’s Jazz Festival will be judged in a new way that Zinn hopes surprises students. In past years, there have been three judges at this event, but this year there will only be two. Part of the judge’s new role will be to also perform with the participants.

Music major at CSUEB and Jazz Festival contestant Danny Castro says he is playing the bass at the Jazz Festival and looks forward to Daniels’ fine, beautiful music.

“Daniels’ job is to make the expressive melody come together in harmony,” said Castro, referring to the arrangement of the music pieces.

“Live music is powerful and every human being should experience that feeling,” said Zinn.

California State University East Bay
Grammy Winner Comes to CSUEB