“Cookie Hour” Helps International Students Connect

Haiming Jin / The Pioneer

Tri Nguyen

Anticipation grows as international students wait for Cookie Hour, an event hosted by the American Language Program every Wednesday.

“It is a great way to meet new friends,” said Megumi Tebata, a graduate student and ALP participant.

“I attended this event last year and it got me interested in volunteering for the American Language Program,” said Will Thompson, a CSUEB senior. Thompson is now enrolled in the ALP’s Speaking Partners program.

Cookie Hour is hosted by ALP international students from 3:30-4:30 PM. The event is designed to bring students of all types together for an hour of networking.

A variety of cookies are offered at this event. The ALP provides Oreos and sodas, and students are encouraged to bring or bake cookies if they want.
“I really just wanted some cookies, but ended up meeting some cool people,” said Mike Estanislao, a CSUEB student.
Cookie Hour is a way to make new friends, socialize and engage cross-cultural communication.
“There is usually a small crowd–about 10 to 15 people every week,” said Tebata.
Anyone interested in participating in Cookie Hour is encouraged to contact the ALP, or just drop by right in front of the library.